About us

SLAS Productions is an independent photography & digital video production / cinematography company. Since 2003 we provide a variety of services for both individuals and businesses.

▪ Advertising
▪ Fashion
▪ Events
▪ Still Life
▪ Portfolios
▪ Behind the Scenes

Being beside you, to assist you on achieving the highest level of digital video production, to deliver a complete, effective and creative promotional video product of your company. The production process is a crucial step in developing and expressing your brand’s story. Bellow you can find the whole production process analyzed, as well as our provided services.

▪ Creative Idea
▪ Concept Development
▪ Script & Storyboard
▪ Location Scouting
▪ Crew & Equipment selection
▪ Casting

▪ Setting the Scene
▪ Camera & Lighting setup
▪ Directing the Talents
▪ Rehearsal
▪ Filming

▪ Music Selection
▪ Editing of the Footage
▪ Voice Overs
▪ Sound Mixing
▪ Color Grading
▪ Graphics & Text animation
▪ Master Preview
▪ Final Delivery

At all stages executive producer, director, art director and director of photography are engaged.